Car vs Truck What’s Better?

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Have you heard of the saying that there are two types of people in this world? There are the shorts in the winter type, versus the heavy coat and fur underneath type person. There’s the vegan versus the meat eaters, the list goes on and on and on. But then there’s the truck type of person and the car type of person. This is where it gets interesting and complicated.  

It’s a never-ending debate, war, battle, crisis, whatever you would like to call it. Truck lovers like trucks, and car lovers like cars. And chances are you’re not changing their mind. However, maybe I can change yours. For this debate, we are going to stick to 2010 and up in terms of respective vehicle years. For most people, there are many factors that carry weight to them when it comes to deciding which type of vehicle they want.  

Truck or Car What’s Best

Which Vehicle Is The Most Efficient – Well, believe it or not, that’s too broad of a question. Efficiency doesn’t just have to do with miles per gallon. Because in actuality, a truck is the overall more efficient vehicle. How? Glad you asked. Yes, it may not be the smartest choice for fuel, but you can do much more in terms of convenience with a large truck. It is still a 5 seater and it also gives you the ability to carry many more things in the back tail of the truck. You are up higher so you can see what is actually stopping traffic while others ponder on what it could possibly be. If you were to be involved in a crash 9/10 you’d have the less chance of injury due to the large and strong frame it has.

Which Vehicle Is Cheaper With Maintenance/ Parts Repair – This is by far the car. With smaller pretty much everything, it is easier for the mechanic to work on, less time to fix, cheaper parts and much more cost efficient over time. Sure, right now for an under the hood adjustment it will only run you maybe a little more for a truck than a car, but over time you’ll realize how much money you could have saved.  

Which Vehicle Is More Family-Oriented – I know that people assume the answer is the car, and it is a good answer at that. However, this time, both are great family options. With the trucks extra space in the trunk and still 5 available seats, you can go on trips, adventures, etc. The car is a great family option due to the ease of access. Both can carry an average sized family, both can provide entertainment and both can protect them from potential injury with added new steel frames on most vehicles.

Which Vehicle Has The Most Appeal – This question obviously is an opinion based question but is still something you should take into account. If you’re going to make a big purchase on a vehicle you will likely see every day for the next 10 years, it’s best that you like the way it looks. If you’re going for a sleek design and curves, go with the car. Vehicles now are ahead of their time when it comes to design. They have been designed and engineered for appeal and performance. Trucks also. However, the trucks main selling point is the rough design and straight look build. W

Which Vehicle Is More Reliable – The question that is so near and dear to our affordable hearts. That question can only be answered through a series of test or personal experiences. From my experience, since I did have both at one point, the car is more reliable. In terms of durability over time, engine wear, and tear, parts available at local mechanics, etc. The truck is more reliable in terms of safety and overall body protection. So, you have to weigh your options and decide for yourself.

Car Value vs Truck Value

To be honest, the heart of this decision is in the car value as an addition to your family. In other words, its utilitarian value, meaning how you will use it not only as a means of transportation but how it will fit your life style.

After reading this and depending on your personal preference to a car or truck, most might choose a truck. However, a good compromise would be a sport utility vehicle like a Yukon. They aren’t quite as big as a truck but aren’t as small as a car either. So, if you can’t decide, those vehicles may be a good car value for you.

But, if we are deciding between a truck or a car for the future, understand your situation first. Can I afford the one that is most expensive?  Would this benefit those around me if it’s the main source of transportation? Will this accomplish what I need it to do? And finally, do I need this? Once you ask yourself these questions, step back and see if the purchase makes sense for whatever current situation you may be in.  

Ever since the beginning of time, something has tried to rival something with the goal in mind to be the unquestionable leader of the pack. That happened before our lifetimes, during our lifetimes, and will continue happening in future lifetimes. It’s simply human nature. So, expect this truck vs car debate to continue going on as I assume we will never come to a full agreement of who truly is the king of the road. To get more information and great tips for automotive enthusiasts, come back to read our next blog. And if you’re in the market to upgrade your vehicle and need to sell your car – fill out our offer form to get started now!