Complete Tire Comparison Guide 2018

tire comparison guide


When to Buy New Tires

First and foremost, when’s the best time to buy new tires? If you notice signs of wear and deterioration, it’s likely time for a new set. If your tread is worn, you notice cracks in your sidewall, or if your car is vibrating when you drive, these are all signs that you should replace your tires.

Tire Comparison Guide

The type of tires that you should buy vary greatly on what your vehicle needs, your driving style, budget, and weather conditions. For instance, if you enjoy hugging curves and speeding off at stoplights, an ultra high-performance tire may be best suited to you. On the other hand, if you enjoy a relaxing, smooth ride, all-season tires will do the trick.

Along with driving style, the weather can take a toll on your tires. If you live up north, it’s essential to invest in winter tires during the freezing months. On the contrary, if your climate receives a lot of rain, summer tires or “three-season” tires may be a good pick for you as the softer rubber provides more grip and surface area contact with the road.

How Long Should Tires Last?

Believe it or not, driving style has a lot to do with how long your tires will last. If you frequently stop short, take corners fast, and run over potholes at higher speeds your tires will wear down faster. On a slightly different token, frequently pulling heavier loads can also put a strain on your tires. Even under and overinflating your tires makes a difference with how fast they wear. So, before you drive out in your new set of wheels, maybe take that corner a little slower.

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