How to Determine Your Car’s Value

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When trying to sell your car the most important factor to know is how much value it has. Whether you’re selling it privately, headed to a dealership for a trade-in, or using a third-party service you probably have a number in mind of how much you want for it. So, how do you answer the question “what’s my car worth?”

Find the Right Tools

There are many websites that offer free tools that help you estimate your car’s value. Just remember to be objective with these estimates as they all based it on different factors. The estimates given by each site range within different types of used car values, such as retail, trade-in, private party, and current market value. Understanding these different values can help you determine what your car is really worth.

Keep Certain Factors in Mind

Your car value will depend on many factors such as interior and exterior condition, repairs, upgrades, geographic region, and maybe even the color of your car. Any upgrades you initially chose will make your car much more attractive to buyers when you try to sell it. Geographic region affects the value as well because if you live in a climate with frequent snow, your car might not be worth as much due to weather affects. Your car’s value is also determined by the accident history, lien status, and odometer reading. You may not have much control over these factors but it will help you have a more realistic idea of what your car is worth.

Don’t Settle

It can be really easy to accept the first offer from a potential buyer or the trade-in numbers from the first dealership you visit. If these numbers aren’t sitting quite right with you, wait for a better offer. If you’re planning on trading in your vehicle, shop around for the best offer at different dealerships in your area. If you’ve done significant research you know how to determine your car’s value and what kind of offer you deserve.

Get an Offer You’ll Love

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