10 Best Successful Uber Driving Tips

How to make money with Uber?


There are only a few things in this lifetime that have been able to drastically slow down previously thriving businesses by becoming their rivals. Uber is one. A major one in fact. Driving for Uber has been a transcendent experience this decade. However, sometimes you may not be the rider, and may be driving for them soon. If so, you’ll need proper tips on how to make money with Uber. 

Not even just tips. You need the best Uber driver tricks! Think about it. It’s growing at a fast rate and slowing taxi services down similar to how other business dropped off the map.  

A few examples

Believe it or not, Facebook isn’t as powerful as it used to be due to Instagram, Snap-chat, Twitter etc, and taxi services are almost non existent due to the affordability and accessibility of Uber. Many more, but you get the point. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s keep in mind that driving for Uber is no walk in the park like that ads say, coming from someone who drove for Uber. You’ll need the proper Uber driving tips and Uber driver advice. They claim you can make 70k a year… They’re not lying. I never said you couldn’t, I simply said it wasn’t going to be easy.


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Great Simple & Effective Driver Tips

Driving and earning with Uber is a great way to make extra cash on the side, or if you’re serious, you can make a living doing it full-time. Here’s how.


  1. Start driving early – You know the saying ‘’Early bird catches the worm’’? Well, this statement couldn’t be more true here. Driving in the early mornings around 4 is money time. It allows you to still get the late nighters at bars, etc and all also catch the early risers for workouts, work, errands, etc. You kill two birds with one stone. Doing this method will drastically increase your earnings.
  2. Stop chasing surge – Chasing surge simply means chasing the hot zones at hot times named surge. It’s not a trap, however it’s inconsistent. Be consistent in your time logged. Trust me, the trips add up at the end. Chasing surge get’s nowhere but lucky.
  3. Be on time and don’t cancel trips – Regardless of what they say, that plays a factor into how many rides you receive. They want drivers to be dependable and trustworthy. Plus your riders may rate you negatively if you do those things, and that immediately impacts your receive rate.
  4. Stay in populated areas – Sounds simple enough, right? Well, that depends. Most people drop someone off and then remain in that deserted area wondering why they aren’t getting any requests. Uber is helpful enough to show you and alert you when your in populated areas. Stay there. 


Now most drivers when they are first starting off (Including myself) keep the app open at all times. You can do this if you like. However taking a rest, maybe for lunch or dinner, helps you physically feel refreshed and able to tackle more hours. It’s equivalent to how a power nap impacts your day. It makes for a totally different day.

Never overdo yourself in your approach to trying to meet a goal. Do what you can. The optimal start is early morning (As mentioned above) due to it typically being the time of day you feel most refreshed and energized. I mean hopefully you did just sleep 8 hours. Being physically and mentally ready for the day can almost naturally double your earnings.


These uber driving tips will come in handy in those moments when you feel like giving up.


Tactics to Maximize Your Uber Earning Potential | Money with Uber

So, we’ve gone over the essentials that you need to know and understand before taking the wheel and driving with Uber. Now, were going to dig deeper and give you a few tricks that will enhance your earnings.


  1. Put a exit ‘’I do accept tips’’ sign on the back of the seat – Yes, this will look completely natural. No need to worry about it being too much. Many people do this often. Make it a friendly message. It allows riders to be reminded of a good act they can perform. And of course, tips add up.
  2. Add ‘’Extras’’. Having items such as water bottles, mints, gum, etc in the backseat compartments. It adds a sense of luxury and the above and beyond act goes a long way with people.


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Tips on how to be a good driver


Whether you are small or big, you have to be aware of your surroundings and who gets inside of your vehicle. Quickly observe what they have with them, their personas, their placement and then make your best judgement from there on out. Let’s take safety out of it, you have to know when and when not to strike up a conversation with the passenger by their body language.


  1. Enters with phone, stays on phoneNo talking. They are typically shy or upset. One of the two. Maybe both. These are the ones who usually book medium length trips and just want to get to their destination. Don’t poke a bear. Some will respond and lighten up, but most will get irritated and ignore you. Then comes the rating problem…
  2. Keep something in the front seat – Most will see this and go towards the back. You typically don’t want people you don’t know sitting right next to you, and more times than not they feel the same.
  3. No suspect turns – Go by the script of GPS and allow the rider to feel safe. No back alleys, backstreets etc.

How much can I really make?


Before we begin, I hope you aren’t one of those people that consider it ”uber money”. It’s your money. Yes, you earn your money with uber but it’s your business. There is almost an endless earning potential in this service. You simply have to be dedicated and have goals. Let’s do the math. Per day, if you begin around 5 every morning and end after rush hour, in a small market such as Indiana you can easily make around 150-200 per day. Compared to maybe $300-400 in New York or Los Angeles. Different places, different ways to earn money with uber

I know what you’re thinking, ‘’Why doesn’t everyone do this?’’ The only way to explain how this is done is simply going out there and doing it.

Also, it’s not like a normal 8-5 job. Speaking from experience, It’s twice as tiring mentally. Staring at the road for hours in that sitting position has a much different physical effect than say an office job. Money is great, yes. Work on your terms, check. Stop when you want to, true. However the fatigue aspect is something people on the outside looking in forget to put in play. Also, you may earn $200 that day, however you may also put in $75-100 worth of gas also. I would suggest not using your brand new vehicle. I’d suggest using a solid 05-09 car that’s sturdy to run your miles up with.

Driving for Uber as you can tell has its ups and downs. In fairness, it’s more ups. You can’t really complain about a free job and you’re your own boss. So take the losses lightly.



Does My Car Qualify for Uber? Clipboard


This question may turn a few heads because Uber is starting to become a bit particular in who they let drive for them. The qualifications are tougher and the wait time is slightly longer. Reasoning behind it is simply because Uber wants the best experience for the rider and to eliminate any possible travel car risks in terms of vehicle maintenance and security threats. Qualifying for Uber isn’t necessarily just about the year of the car anymore. Since 2017, Uber’s focus is now on safety, appearance and security.

Safety – Every Uber on the road needs to be road safe and not risking breaking down at any moment. Sure accidents happen, but they want to minimize that as best as they can.

Appearance – Without sounding rude, not every car is a car someone wants to ride in, and Uber knows it. Keeping your car clean, buffered, vacuumed and accident free will get your foot in the door with Uber. No question.

Security – This is the main concern before getting approved to drive. In simple terms, they have to make sure you aren’t some sort of killer, robber, thief, etc. through their background checks. They have to ensure that you aren’t legally blind, deaf and that you know how to drive safely by taking a look at your current driving record. So if you recently hit that one bumper, it may take you a little longer to get approved. If you do at all.

To ensure your car is qualified, here is an official script from Uber stating their requirements.


  • Vehicle must either be a 4 door car, truck or van.
  • You must be 21 years or older (23 Depending on city)
  • Person driving must be the name on the insurance
  • Must pass background check
  • Minimum of 3 years of driving experience.
  • Vehicle must pass inspection
  • Driver must have a clean driving record



If your vehicle and yourself can relate to all of these SIMPLE requirements, then you are well on your way to being your own boss. Uber has unlimited potential in terms of earnings. However, it’s difficult to be consistent in the driving game.

Stay focused, zero in on your goal, and knock it out daily. Taking it one trip at a time really works. These tips will help you make money with uber the easy way without the hassle. Whether it’s Uber or uber eats you’ll always know easy ways on how to make money and earning money with uber is as easy as it gets. 

Thank you very much for visiting us. And for more great reads, stay here. To sell your car for top dollar cash now, contact us today! We’re glad to have you with us. I hope you take these tips and apply them for your own good. Take care!