How To Sell A Car In Ontario

Selling a car in ontario

How To Sell A Car In Ontario


So the time has come. The time to finally let go of the vehicle that gave you many years of gratitude and joy rides with the breeze. The vehicle that gave you countless memories, the vehicle that gave you years of dedication, and the vehicle that you called yours. But how do you sell a car in Ontario? I understand. It’s a different process and a tough time it is. However, there is a solution to it. Typically a person only sells a vehicle for two reasons. Either they need money during that time or the vehicle is no longer able to withstand the test of time. Either way, you need potential buyers and a huge market if possible. Here’s why.


Nobody is going to come banging down your door in the middle of the night for your 03 Camry. No offense, but it’s a regular car. So, you have to market yourself correctly or find serious buyers. With a population of roughly 14 million in total, the province Ontario accounts for over 38% of Canada’s population. It is home to the nation’s capital Ottawa and the nation’s most populous city, Toronto. In other words, this is a great place to begin your journey of selling your car. It is a difficult journey, however, it is very possible. With the population that Ontario has, this should be fairly quick


Here’s the problem though.


While many may be interested in purchasing your vehicle, many if not all will try to lowball you and make you jump through hoops to get this accomplished. The hard part isn’t finding interested people, the hard part is securing the deal. The goal is always the end game. Finding a company or person that will give you a fair offer, great service, consistent communication, and overall great experience is rare to come by. You may go through 30 companies and many people before finding 2 or 3 that may fit your requirements.


How To Sell A Used Car In Ontario


Be Patient – Often times we are in such a rush to get rid of our vehicle at the first person or company that bites, and in return, we usually are low balled and taken advantage of. Buyers can smell desperation. I was at the end of both. Trust me when I tell you this.


Weigh Your Options – Gather all of the offers and information as possible, run a pros and cons report and then review your list. If you have some that will give you more cash, however a waiting period, maybe not them. However, if you have someone who will give you a similar cash offer with instant pay, then you might want to choose them. Either way, it’s your decision and it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Because the goal here is to find what suits your needs best.


How To Sell On Kijiji | Selling A Car In Ontario


Want to know how to sell on Kijiji fast? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. Yes, this is a public platform where any and everyone can post things to sell. However, if you attract the wrong viewers, it will take you forever to get a serious bite. Here’s what to do.


Be specific and get straight to the point – Selling your car in Ontario can be easy yet difficult. How is that even possible? Well, glad you asked. By Ontario being so big, there are so many people looking for used cars that you’re bound to sell in a timely manner. However, considering the size of Ontario, it is difficult to even find the best place to start.  


Going into detail almost immediately eliminates window shoppers from serious buyers. Usually when someone posts something on Kijiji, they usually just say ‘’Car for sale, runs great!’’ Terrible idea. You’re basically begging for a bunch of non-serious buyer calls. In other words, people will call and ask you a bunch of questions, and the moment you mention a problem that wasn’t on the ad, they try to low ball you or hang up. Now once you have every major issue listed on the ad, if you get a call, just know that they already know the issues with the vehicle. So now you can just get right into availability and pricing.


Be detailed but not descriptive – This is a very underrated step that costs many people hours of wasted time. When someone sees an ad, they want to read the important items and maybe a little extra detail. But if they go to an ad and see paragraph after paragraph, they quickly run to the next ad. It sends red flags and people just want to get to the point.


Be firm with your price – This speaks for itself. Don’t get pressured into going down unless its fair on both ends. Stay strong in discussions and don’t back down.

Summary | Selling A Car In Ontario


Now, selling a car in Ontario as stated above, is a challenge. However, if you use these tips, it makes it simple, easy and effective. Your time won’t be wasted, and neither will anyone else’s. I hope you can use these tips to your advantage when looking to sell your car. Remember, be patient, stay focused, remain firm. Also, if you would like to sell your car for instant cash to us here at Cash For Cars Canada, give us a call today or fill out our offer form!