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If you are not yet flushed in money to invest in an Italian supercar like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, you may need to start by selling that oversized paperweight in your garage. maintains a nationwide network of tow trucks who will reclaim non-running and used vehicles. We have the convenience of online transactions and the reputation of paying some of the highest prices around for junk vehicles. Everything from scrap metal shells to late-model vehicles that no longer run wash up on our shores. And for your knowledge, we will discuss the virtues of owning a Lamborghini versus a Ferrari and whether one is a better investment for car connoisseurs.

Lamborghini Vs Ferrari

When it comes to the age-old Lamborghini Vs Ferrari debate, Lamborghini continues to turn heads with its exotic styling and legendary Lambo gull-wing doors that float up instead of opening outwardly. The manufacturing processes of Lamborghini arguably add more custom character to each vehicle. There are more flexible options when it comes to adding carbon fiber and how far you’d like to go with it. While Ferrari continues to build stylish supercars with lots of premium power, they still have that mass-produced stigma from all the factory processes that church out carbon copies effortlessly.

While a Ferrari may be easier to drive and provides less of the fickle aggressive launching of the untamed Lamborghini Bull brand, this aggressiveness can be characterized as something reserved for only serious drivers. The decision by Ferrari to go into a more daily driver direction has left some wondering about why a Ferrari is so exotic if it is as easy to drive as a Subaru. Perhaps, Lamborghini drivers today consider themselves the more serious drivers for this reason; track masters had to take a class before they could even learn how to drive their Lambo correctly.

Regardless of whether you want a racer that is built for ordinary people to drive it or something more exotic that you probably should only take out on the track, both of these brands have enormous potential to suit your racing needs. The massive thrust of horsepower and the wide-stance low-profile aerodynamic designs make these vehicles look like they are breaking the speed limit even when they are parked in a garage.

When it comes to upkeep and maintenance, you’d better have a pit crew nearby to ensure that the sin of some mechanic doesn’t turn your quarter-million-dollar investment into a quarter-million-dollar toaster. Let’s take a closer look at some details below.

Lamborghini VS Ferrari Reloaded

The feud between Lamborghini and Ferrari has spanned over five decades. Lamborghini was created to rival the then established Ferrari brand. The owner of the Lamborghini tractor manufacturing company was insulted by the owner of Ferrari and went on to develop race cars by initially installing his tractor engines to power them.

Today, Lamborghini is thought to be the superior-styled brand between the two, although more fitted for track racing than getting groceries. The Lamborghini cars are still handmade in a small factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, that is now owned by Volkswagen Group through its Audi subsidiary. Ferrari supercars, on the other hand, are produced via a variety of robotic automation and hand-labor techniques in Maranello, Italy.

The Lamborghini Egoista is the current leader in the race for speed between the two companies. The Lamborghini Egoista is able to reach speeds of 234 mph, just a little quicker than the 225 mph of the Ferrari F40. Although current Ferrari’s have higher horsepower reaching 963 horses, the Lamborghini is known for staying competitive through its extensive use of carbon fiber for a higher power-to-weight ratio to stretch its upper-limit 770 horses. Lamborghini’s are known for the fine stitchery of their leather upholstery and the aluminum and carbon fiber trims in their interiors.

The air intake ports in both of these vehicles set them apart from other production vehicles. The air intake grilles are not located in the front like most vehicles but are located on the sides behind the doors. They channel air into various bellows and port it into the centrally mounted engines. If you lift the hood, there you will find what is normally considered cargo or trunk space in an ordinary domestic vehicle.

The main distinction between driving these supercars and a regular daily driver is that they are too powerful and can jump up to 60 mph in 1st gear. The Lamborghini is notoriously hard to tame and is considered to be more of a track car. This is the reason you don’t often see them on the streets, aside from the fact that they are popular targets for thieves and too expensive to risk damaging on potholes.

Both of these vehicles are set low to the ground with very minimal clearance. They are built with superior aerodynamics which create sufficient downward force to keep the wheels from floating on the road and spinning out when the heavy horsepower is activated. Thanks to new rubber compounds and tire designs, the grip of the tires on the road have steadily improved over the years. Thanks to the engineering of its Audi parent, Lamborghini’s have featured four-wheel drive for some time now. Ferrari has recently joined the race by coming out with four-wheel drive vehicles of its own.

The Ferrari Testarossa is one of the most iconic cars. The styling of this auto debuted in the Miami Vice mini-series but did not fare well in subsequent auctions when the white Testarossa went up for sale. And, today, you will find more Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s in sunny resort areas of Florida than most other regions of the United States.

Ferrari VS Lamborghini Price Comparison

The better investment between the two vehicles is the Ferrari if you are looking for collector’s resale value. Lamborghini’s Miura is its top-selling auction vehicle that sold for a mere $2.5 million, paling in comparison to the Ferrari GTO that sold for $38 million. Lamborghini supercars also come in with a lower entry price at just over $180,000. You can’t step foot in a Ferrari without paying $230,000 for the base model.

When it comes to the Ferrari vs Lamborghini price comparison, Lamborghini will give you more bang for your buck from the door but will leave you with far less collector’s value. Ferrari cranks out twice as many vehicles annually but just can’t seem to compete when it comes to the wow-factor in visual styling. Ferrari is owned by Fiat, who has a reputation for being one of the most mechanically problematic vehicles ever made. In fact, this is the reason why Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to build his own supercars after having problems with the clutch on his Ferrari.

You will also find that Ferrari is generating a lot more money off their vehicles than Lamborghini. Ferrari grossed $2.8 billion in sales during 2018 compared to the $1.25 billion for Lamborghini global sales in 2017. Lamborghini has steadily increased its global share, however, by streamlining its production and producing more vehicles than ever before. Ferrari made an astounding $669 million in net profits in 2017.


Whether you want a Lambo for the styling or a Ferrari for the drivability and collector’s value, either is a great choice. But, then again, if you want a daily driver, why not just buy a daily driver and save these vehicles for car shows and track races? In any case, be sure to fill out our free offer form you want to look like a winner, get rid of that non-racer in your yard and put some fast cash in your pocket.