Most Popular Car Brands in Canada 2019

Most Popular Car Brands, Most Popular Car Brands in Canada

Crossovers and pickups are still the most popular car models, but what about the most popular brands? Even with a decrease in demand for passenger cars in Canada, these popular car brands still manage to reign supreme and make top grossing sales. These are the top 10 highest selling car brands in Canada according to the Global Automakers of Canada.

Top 10 Selling Car Brands in Canada

1. Ford

Ford is the largest selling car brand in Canada. The most common purchased models are the Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus; with series truck lineup accounting for half of Ford’s volume. Ford has an almost 15% share in the Canadian market. In the year 2019, all of Ford’s sales have already risen by 2%. Ford’s expansion for the year 2019 is because of recent innovations made in the previous year such as hybrid models, plug-ins, EcoSport, Edge, and Flex

2. Toyota

Awarded as one of the longest lasting car brands, Toyota dominates the market share for passenger cars in Canada. While Toyota is less popular in the truck market, Toyota’s other product lines exhibit diversity throughout the models. Currently, the new RAV4 is making the most sales for Toyota, but other popular models in Canada are the 4Runner, C-HR, and Sienna.

3. Honda

Honda is still a very familiar household name, earned because of its mileage and comfort. For the past 21 years, Canada’s best-selling car was a Honda Civic. Aiming it 22 years, Honda is heavily promoting and pushing both the Civic and CR-V into the Canadian market; the CR-V being the current top-selling SUV/Crossover in Canada.

4. Chevrolet

Chevy is actually decreasing in sales and market share in both the US and Canada but still has very popular and prosperous pickup models. However, for the names you know the most well, Camaro, Malibu, Cruze, Equinox, Suburban, and Tahoe, Toyota is suffering plunges in sales.

5. Nissan

Although Nissan’s small crossovers have grown increasingly popular, they are still affected from the decline in car lineups. For the Qashqai and Kicks models, however, volume and sales are rising. Both models made up 27% of Nissans sales in the month of March. For other, older, models such as the Rogue, Pathfinder, and Murano I’m afraid cuts are going to have to be made.

6. Hyundai

Hyundai, being primarily passenger cars, has suffered a sharp rate of decline in volume.  Luckily, Hyundai’s new Crossover lineup is proving very profitable and popular in Canada. Other models such as the Tucson and Santa Fe have been upgraded for a successful relaunching. As for the 1-year-old Hyundai Kona, it is expected to soon become the brand’s top seller.

7. Ram

For the first 3 months of 2019, the Ram ProMaster and ProMaster City earned extremely large sales in Canada, increasing by a total of 233%. However, the majority of Ram’s profit generate from pickups. Landing 19,120 sales, Ram’s pickup lineup continues to be the second best-selling line of vehicles in Canada.

8. GMC

I told you Canada likes trucks. GMC, a truck-focused brand, receives boosts in sales from an extremely truck-crazy market. Unfortunately, GMC is on a decline with many models such as the Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL, Canyon, Acadia, and Savana. GMC’s sales rely completely on their truck lineup performance; meaning when their truck sales go down, their sales volume goes down. GMC is still a top competitor in the US and Canadian truck market.

9. Jeep

Jeep’s 2018 wrangler made record breaking sales last year, making the number of sale non-repeatable. Since then, the wrangler volume has decreased by 39%. Fortunately, the irreplaceable off-roader maintains to be Jeep’s top seller (4 out of 10 sells). However, other Jeeps have been declining sharply as well, such as the Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade.

10. Kia

Kia has certainly climbed their way up the ladder to be a part of Canada’s top 10 highest selling car brands. 2019 will prove to be Kia’s highest-volume year in the past 20 years of the company’s history. The brand has expanded due to its top-selling car and utility vehicle, the 2019 Sorento, as well as the newly innovated 2019 Forte.

Car Selling Trends in Canada

Surely you can now spot make and model car trends within Canada. Pickups are the most bought vehicle in Canada due to the 4-wheel drive and ice resistant tires. The reason is the same for Crossovers and SUVs. Durability during the ice and winter is the most important feature when car buying in Canada. Another big benefit of vehicles in Canada is the ability to load and move large cargo inside. Here, we actually cut down our Christmas trees. If you’re looking to upgrade you truck, SUV, or any other new ride, get your free offer today to see how much cash you’ll get for your old vehicle!