2019 New Car Safety Features

2019 Car Safety Features

New Car Safety Features

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes. Literally. Safety comes in forms like sports protection (Helmets, knee pads, etc), event protection (Security, metal detectors, etc), skin protection, (Sunscreen, bandages, etc) then there are forms of protection that assist us during our daily travel voyages. However, there are people out there that think a vehicle’s frame is the only protection they need while traveling.

That is a terrible assumption. Years back the main protection a vehicle had was its frame, seat belt, and the airbag. As time went on, advancements came out, improvements came out and installments went on.  

As technology moves forward and ideas turn into creations, so will change continue to happen in the car industry. There are some things in life that are impacted directly by technology advancements and the future.

Electronics – Anything and everything electronic is based on technology

Transportation – From new Kia Optimas to Tesla’s, to self-driving vehicles, car’s are now being created with the latest technology and are evolving before our eyes. 

However, with new technology comes new potential problems that will need to be monitored at all times. Typically cars with more technology visit the mechanic more often and are more expensive. The good thing is that through all of the tech advancements, safety advancements it is now safer to drive than ever before. Take a look at the list below for further explanation.

The Principle Car Safety Equipment

Strong Occupant Compartment – Now in 2019, generally all cars come equipped with a strong occupant compartment. In other words, both the driver front section and the passenger front section have been updated to feature stronger frames and to provide extra protection during crashes.

Crumple Zones – All newer vehicles are equipped with this which makes the cars absorb the crash and not the passengers or driver. It is located in the frontal, rear. Hopefully, they will come out with zones for the sides soon.

Head Rests – Not many people (Me included) don’t even realize that these are safety features until someone breaks it down. When someone told me they were implemented to prevent whiplash, I had one of those ‘’Of course’’ moments. These are very important components of personal safety while in the vehicle.

Seat Belts – Over the years these have seen drastic improvements to the quality and durability.

Webbing Clamps – Stops more seat belt from reeling out once it tightens.

Signals on the dashboard that alert you that you are not clicked in.

Pretensioners – this pulls the seat belt tight before the vehicle starts moving.

Side Protection from Impact – Although I still believe these need crumple zones also, they did increase the door strength, added internal padding and improved seats for protection. Now manufacturers are installing side airbags to protect from severe injury.

Digital New Car Safety Features

Lane Assist – This function vibrates once you begin to merge into another lane. This works great for people who tend to drive while tired or on the phone distracted. It alerts you and helps to keep you in line.

Electronic Stability Control – This function and add-on slow each individual wheel on a turn to help keep the car on its path. This helps when it is wet and icy outside. Also helps when you have inexperienced drivers turning the wheel too hard.

360 Degree Camera – This is common amongst most new vehicles and there is a reason why. It is accurate and also now comes in HD. No need to break your neck looking back trying to park or looking to see who is coming up. This eliminates all of the strain and allows you to keep looking forward with real-time accuracy. Here is what ‘’driving life’’ had to say. ‘’Keep the lens clean. It can be easily exposed to outdoor elements, such as snow, dirt, and grime. If it is not regularly cleaned, this will affect the clarity of the image that you can see in the monitor, which will also minimize its degree of reliability. If the screen does not load, the problem is with the monitor. Check all the connections and see to it that the system is wired properly.’’

Automatic Braking – This feature is getting more and more popular with the newer models. This feature helps to bring down accident rates and begins to brake for you in case you may have been distracted at the moment. Accidents occur just off of people simply being distracted for a split second.

Cruise Control – The very well known cruise control over the years has helped many drivers in terms of safety and behavior. It helps keep drivers at a consistent pace when driving. It also helps with different driver types. There are drivers that tend to go way above the speed limits without knowing. Then there are some drivers that are too cautious and go slower than the average. Cruise control eliminates both problems. It keeps you at a solid, consistent speed going forward.

Overall Car Safety Features

Utilizing each or at least most of these features will prove to be beneficial to you and your vehicle as time goes on. Safety, by far is the most important factor when determining what is important what isn’t. If your vehicle is not safe please do not drive. If you do not feel safe driving it, please don’t. Throughout the years, vehicle and passenger safety has developed before our eyes with advancements coming out monthly. It is always important to stay up to date on the latest safety features to be aware of how you can always be protected.

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