Self Driving Cars – The Future of Automobiles

Self Driving Car

Pros and Cons of Self Driving Cars


It’s been rumored about, officially talked about, questioned, doubted, and now…. Arrived. 

After years and years of discussion & planning, production has now began. What was at first an impossible idea, just may have turned into the future’s brightest star. However, our problem is that the moment we see or hear ‘’Self Driving Cars’’ we automatically think hands free going 80 mph on the highway drinking a latte and reading a good book.


Because you’re terribly wrong…. By a long shot!

Yes it can drive itself and steer. However, it still requires your undivided attention at all times. Anything can happen, and if you aren’t ready to intervene, worse things can occur. This is something to think about especially with the earlier models and builds.


Self Driving Car


How Do Self Driving Cars Work?


Typically most self driving cars use sensors that transmit messages to the rest of the vehicle. It is equipped with surrounding locators that identify any type of moving object within distance of the vehicle.

They are also equipped with self accelerators and motion steering. These self driving cars may be the start of something revolutionary. But don’t jump the gun yet. Before you go taking that power nap going 75 mph with your hands behind your head, let’s go over a few pros and cons of purchasing self drive-able cars.



Pros of Purchasing a Self Driving Car


  • It’s less taxing on the mind. – This is a huge factor when it comes to driving long periods and driving any time all together. Having to focus on the road for hours is not a natural thing for us, and incredibly taxing on our mental state.  


  • Smarter Drivers IQ – This is not a knock on humans. Consider it praise for robot’s and CPU’s. This installment helps when it comes down to split second decisions and timing. Studies show this installment may assist very well with the reduction of deaths per year by crashes (30,000 on average)


  • Lower fuel consumption and increased MPG. – Believe it or not, all of those extra stop and resumes throughout your drive decreases your efficiency in terms of MPG. While using the self driving feature, over time it properly uses the acceleration and brake units to make for a smoother and more efficient drive.


  • More people have the option to drive again – Most of us know what it’s like to have to drive an elder around or to have to take the keys away from them when that time comes. No longer will you need to do either. As long as there isn’t a emergency physical condition, people can now drive regardless of their age with no assistance needed.  


Cons of Purchasing a Self Driving Car



  • Cost & Repairs – The price for purchasing isn’t just the price tag in the beginning (Which is very high), it’s the maintenance cost. You can’t take this car to your regular Jim mechanic. This form of transportation requires specific attention to detail and tools.



  • Accidents – Yes the self driving cars are supposed to help prevent accidents and bring down death rates due to the improved driver IQ and sensors surrounding the vehicles. However that can almost bring about too much improvement. Too much? Yes. Usually whenever you get into an accident you immediately know who’s fault it was.


Now, the blame can go many ways. Maybe the software failed at the time of reaction, possibly the sensors weren’t fast enough, etc. So if you crash into someone and you’re the only one with a self driving car, chances are you will have to take the blame for this one.



  • Quality of actual drivers dips – The same way that this world has been gifted with great products that limit how much work we actually do for ourselves (Echo, Uber, Siri, Robot cleaners), it has also diminished our ability to fend for ourselves. Therefore generations after ours will be much more dependent on these machines rather than their actual intellect. This is the same situation with the self driving car.



It’s and awesome thing to see and use, however over time it may have negative effects if not tied in with a balanced factor. Future drivers may not be able to understand how to react in certain situations if they are solely dependent on something else doing it all for them.


  • Possible loss of privacy – With all of the new technology installments, something has to go, right? Correct. It is not certain that it will be, but it very well could be your privacy as the new installments might take away from the hardware and coverage of a normal vehicle.


Now that we have gone over the positives and negatives of purchasing a self driving car, I hope you have a clear understanding of the potential pros and cons of self-driving vehicles. This is not a small purchase. In fact, the prices are claimed to range from $100-300k dollars.  Yep, not your average Toyota Camry purchase from your local car lot. With that price comes many demands the car needs, as well as what you expect to get out of it. However, as stated in the beginning, don’t think you can just take a nap or watch that new movie while going 80 mph.  

You must be attentive and focused throughout the drive. Anything can fail, and if you aren’t ready to adjust, well there goes that bank account and worst case scenario, serious injury. Safety is always number one when it comes down to making any decision of this magnitude.


Check out this great video explaining the difficulty of the cars & and when to expect official releases. 


Here’s a Quick Tip | Pros & Cons of Self Driving Cars


If you go and make this decision, regardless of the amount of money you have, I would suggest not making this your everyday driver until more and more people have tested the product and updates have come out through the software. Yes, still use it of course. I just wouldn’t run up too many miles on it until further safety features are introduced.

LifeHack stated it like this; ‘’While self-driving cars present many incredible advances for consumers, the safety requirements are particularly complicated and may present significant challenges to these cars.’’

Also, something that you need to remember:

Since these vehicles are autonomous, they think for themselves and try to make the right decision in a split second if needed. Meaning, if there is an elderly person walking in the way and there is no other way out,  if the car is going too fast and can’t stop in time, it will make the decision to swerve into the car or wall beside you. Even though that may be the right decision, it still brings up safety questions.

In the coming years, with persistent updates and improved safety features, look for this to overtake the driving world. What was once a thought, turned into the drawing board, turned into material, turned into controversy and doubt, then morphed into the future of driving and excellence.

Regardless of what anyone says about the issues it may have or errors, they can never say that they gave up. Because they were strong through adversity and are borderline on the brink of something monumental.

To put all of this into perspective, everything that changed the worlds living experience, began with a thought that eventually came to life. Airplanes – Before it was invented, if you talked about flying, generally everyone’s response would be, ‘’Are you silly?’’. Now it’s today’s most conventional source of long travel. Cars – You might not even realize it because they are so common now, however they were not awhile back. Thanks to a brilliant mind, we now have a stable and reliable way of transportation.




Many things have been said in this article about the positives and negatives of purchasing a self driving car, however regardless of your decision, stay safe. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than your health and well being.

In 2019-2020 we are beginning to hear many things rumored about and those that have begun production. With that production comes natural tweaks that will be added later, so make sure to stay up to date and never rush into a purchase!

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