Spring Car Maintenance Checklist


With warmer days and more daylight, spring is the perfect season for a car tune-up. The snow is gone and the sunshine is here to stay..at least for a little while. To learn how to treat your car right and make it last longer read this spring car maintenance checklist below!

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Spring Cleaning

It’s time to clear out the back seat and start fresh! Give your car a wash and a fresh vacuuming to start the season out right. One car maintenance tip to keep in mind is that washing your car isn’t just for show, it actually helps your car last longer. Salt slush on the roads can leave a grimy coating on your car that will damage your car’s paint and deteriorate the metal on your car. Essentially, salt can and will rust your car from the inside out if you don’t remove it. So, when washing your car be sure to fully clean your car’s undercarriage. To further protect your car from the weather, top it off with some wax to keep your paint looking shiny and clean.

Change Wiper Blades

In the winter months, your wiper blades handle it all. For months, your blades have fended off ice, slush, and piles of snow. If you decided to opt-in for winter blades, it’s the time to switch to regular wiper blades that are designed to handle rain versus heavy snow. If not, it’s time to replace your tired wiper blades with a fresh pair.


During the rainy spring months, it’s important to make sure your tires are in top notch condition. It’s time to take off those tire chains and replace your winter tires with all-season tires. With harder rubber and less tread, all season tires are better suited to take on the spring and summer heat and rain. When you replace your tires, make sure to check your all-season tires for uneven wear and any alignment issues. Uneven wear can be dangerous as your tire’s tread won’t be as effective as it should be.

Spring Maintenance Tips for Cars

After your car is in tip-top shape, your car will be prepared to handle any weather. Plus, if you follow our spring maintenance tips your mind will be at ease if you decide to take a road trip in Canada this spring or summer. If your car doesn’t give you peace of mind, it may be time to call CashforCars.ca to sell your car. Sell your car the quick and easy way with Cash For Cars Canada!