Our Guaranteed Offer for Your Vehicle!

When we say CashForCars.ca is the best way to sell your unwanted vehicle, we mean it.  Other car buying businesses won’t offer you a guaranteed price, but CashForCars.ca will. The pricing that our purchasing agents offer you, will be the amount that you will see written on the check when our tow truck driver arrives at your destination, guaranteed. Whether you call, chat with a representative on our website, or submit an online offer form, we will stand to our word and pay the agreed-on amount.

Still unsure of our expertise? not a problem. CashForCars.ca is here to tell you that we have over 35 years of car buying experience, so you can rest easy knowing that our service and expertise is exceptional.  Visit our locations page and find one near you.

  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Fast Cash
  • Exceptional service

No Curbside Renegotiation for Your Vehicle

Our customers’ satisfaction is very important to us, that is why we will make sure they receive our guaranteed price offer. Other companies and strangers will try to evaluate your car on the spot, give random quotes, and even renegotiate the price. With CashForCars.ca you don’t have to worry about any of that and that’s one of the things that sets us apart. Offers typically last for up to ten days, so if you’re not sure if you’re ready to sell your car, you don’t have to make a decision right away! Visit our YouTube Channel and learn more about the CashForCars.ca selling experience.


“When our customers call, we make sure that the price that is given to them is a guaranteed price. Other companies won’t guarantee what they’re telling you. So they’ll say a price for $300, and when they arrive they’ll evaluate the vehicle on the spot. With a walk around the car, and they say, “Well we didn’t see the car when we gave you a price, and it has this and it has this.” A dent here, a scratch here, and that $300 dollars that they tell you on the phone, now becomes $150-$200.

Always do your homework, make sure you’re working with a legitimate and reputable company. With CashforCars you don’t have to worry about that because our offers are always guaranteed. We have never once done a curbside renegotiation, and we take great pride in that. The amount that the vehicle purchasing agent tells you you’re getting for the vehicle, is the amount that you’re getting for the vehicle.”