Driving Anxiety Mastered In 3 Easy Steps

Driving Anxiety, Driving with Anxiety

Driving is an underestimated feat that many of us tackle daily. Some experience driving anxiety and it troubles them to even get behind the wheel. Meanwhile, everyday people make it look so easy and some days it just seems like second nature. Well, that may be true, but there is a reason that it appears so easy when in reality our minds and muscle memory have been trained and formed throughout years of practice. For instance, a basketball player who has trained day in and day out for years will consider a lay-up as easy as turning on a light switch.  

Whereas a person just starting will consider making a lay-up a mountain to conquer. The same applies to the art of driving. Going 75 MPH in the rain going around a corner may be a simple task to most seasoned drivers. But that may be a very farfetched idea to non-seasoned drivers. The good news is, it’s ok. That is how it always starts for most drivers.

Learning to drive alone is a challenge. It can be very difficult, however, very rewarding once accomplished. Some say driving isn’t for them and they can’t take the pressure of being in close quarters. Fair enough, no harm was done. But for those that are up for the challenge and ready to begin their mile marker years, let’s begin with these first-time driving alone tips!

Get Rid of Driving Anxiety

1.Practice Before Going on The Open Road

It is very important to get familiar with the ins and outs of driving before testing them with other drivers. It is better for your safety and the other drivers on the road. When practicing, always do it in a big open parking lot. The extra space allows you to practice getting familiar with certain turns, angles, speeds and much more. The worst thing you can do as a new driver is an experiment when it’s showtime. Would you try out different answers than the ones you studied for during a final? I hope you say no. The same applies here.

Practice with an experienced driver so that they can advise on the mistakes you may have made or what even to practice to prepare you. Make sure to ask plenty of questions. A curious mind without answers doesn’t make for a good combination. The more you know, the less you’ll question. Ask about driving rules. Just because you passed a test doesn’t mean everything stuck.

2. Don’t Try to Fit In | Driving Alone

This may not be the last tip, but it is one of the most important. This step applies to life also. It is vital that you do not follow the crowd. Now, I’m not saying if other drivers are going a solid 70 on the highway for you to go 35. I am simply saying, if you are still not comfortable, don’t try and go someone else’s pace. Go at your pace and learn to get better over time. If you know you aren’t ready for the fast lane, stay in the right. You will put yourself and others at risk. If you know your weakness is switching lanes while maintaining speed, then try your best to get in the lane ahead of the exit so you will be ready. You know you better than anyone else. Don’t worry about fitting in or standing out, just do what you can do until you can do better.

3. Understand Everyone Started Where You Are

Kill the notion that people start off as amazing drivers. Or that it is a skill they were born with. They aren’t and the other one doesn’t even make sense. We all started at the same place you are; learning to drive and nervous. It naturally takes time to develop confidence and composure while in traffic. However, the moment you have developed it, you’re off to the races with the best. Believe it or not, driving begins to get boring once you get the hang of it. Now, once you are experienced, you are often driving on autopilot.

In other words, it becomes like 2nd nature and you rarely have to think about driving when driving. Some experience it, some don’t. Whether you do or don’t, always remain calm under all circumstances. The worst thing you can do is panic in tough times. To quote, “Be calm, remain humble. Stay strong, never crumble.’’ Yes, maybe it is a bit deep, however, it does apply.

Gradually get into the hang of things once you feel comfortable. Don’t fall into pressure to put your pedal to the metal. If you aren’t ready, don’t rush it. Start when you know how to handle different situations such as rush hour, bad weather, bad drivers, and other things that may throw you off. Driving, in reality, isn’t like driving in the movies or tv shows. You have to be focused every second.

Driving Without Anxiety

Enjoying driving is a key component to gaining your confidence. Instead of driving with a sense of nervousness and fright, drive with a positive attitude of curiosity and happiness. Feel the breeze, look at the nature passing by in a blur, and enjoy the company of others treading the ground or driving beside you.

Thank you for taking to read this article. We hope these tips help you in your journeys. To sell a vehicle you may not want or simply need cash for, fill out our offer form to see what your vehicle is worth or give us a call today!